Saturday, February 13, 2010

'Twas the Winter of Our Discontent

So, back in September, on the way to church, Jay made the statement, "You know, we haven't gotten sick in a while." "BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!" I yelled. "The evil eye is watching!!" Jamie scoffed and said, "I don't believe in that stupid stuff. I'm not superstitious." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! How I laugh at the uninformed man. That statement was made on September 13th. How do I know that, you ask? Because exactly a week later Jay came down with the Swine Flu.

And since then? We have been bombarded with croup, a double ear infection, gross viral stuff bringing about fever and snot, three cases of strep throat, a terrible ear infection for Jay which caused his ear drum to burst, and then yesterday, we found blood in Jay's urine. I am not even going to get into THAT one right now, because frankly it sends me Down the Path of Doom and I cannot go there at this particular moment since we can't get into a doctor until Tuesday. The good news is that he feels perfectly fine, so I'm hoping it will turn out to be nothing. We wait... and I teeter on the edge of The Path.

But tonight. Tonight Jamie and I were going out to enjoy a nice meal and movie. All was well, all children feeling fine AT THE SAME TIME for what is the first time in WEEKS. Time to celebrate! We went to a new burger place we had found and both ordered buffalo burgers. We were chatting and waiting on our order to arrive when I put forth The Theory to Jamie. You know, the one I mentioned in the beginning where all this began with his statement of not believing the evil eye. I told him he needed to retract his statement. You know what the man said? He told me I was crazy. That he STILL didn't believe.

Fifteen minutes later, the babysitter called to tell us that Annie was throwing up. And she is continuing to do so now that we are home. Jamie has retracted his earlier statement. He throughly believes in the evil eye now. He is very sorry, Evil Eye and he will never make those wide, sweeping statements again. Can we please have our lives back now??