Thursday, May 14, 2009


So, Jane has perfected her wave.  This happened yesterday afternoon and I immediately acted like a fool and went NUTS.  "My BAYBEEEE!!!!  SHE CAN WAVE!!!!!" You know, waving, winning the Nobel Peace Prize...whatever.  

Anyway, today went something like this:
ME: Jane!  Say Buh-Bye!  Say Buh Bye!  Wave at Mama!  Say Buh-Bye!  Say Buh Bye! Look at Mama!  Say Buh-Bye!!

JANE: (looking anything other than me) Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da (because HE carried the baby for nine months).

ME: Jane!!  Buh-Bye!  Look at Mama!!  (Yes Jane, look at Mama act like an idiot!!) Say Buh-Bye!!  Buh-Bye!  Wave for Mama!  Buh-Bye!! You can do it!!  Buh-Bye!!

JANE: (finally lifting one, tiny baby hand and giving a wave at herself) Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da

ME:  THAT'S RIGHT!!  WHAT A SMART BABY!!  YOU WAVED!!  GOOD GIRL!!!  SO BIG!! JANE IS SO BIG!!  WHAT A GOOD GIRL!!   Jane!! Do it again!! Say Buh-Bye!  Say Buh-Bye! Say Buh-Bye!! 

You can totally see where this is going...

But it's so funny, because every time she does this wave, she looks at her hand and gets this expression like, "What is this??  Why is my hand doing this? Am I MAKING this happen?"  Probably what she is really thinking is, "Anything to get that woman over there to shut up!"  

Today when she was napping (or NOT napping, would be more appropriate) I went into her room to give her the pacifier that I was certain had fallen to the floor.  When she saw me, she stopped her wailing and raised her arms to be picked up.  I lifted her out of the bed, cuddled with her for a  minute and then laid her back in with her pacifier.  She started crying again, but this time the crying was accompanied by the most pitiful little wave you ever did see.  It was as if she was saying, "Look how cute I am Mama!  Circus Baby will perform for you and you will feel sorry for her and remove her from her crib, no?" No, I didn't remove her, but I did give her an extra kiss.  

This video is evidence of my high pitched, stupid sounding voice as I try to coax her into waving.  I cannot believe I am actually putting this out there for all you to listen to.  Probably you should invest in some ear plugs first.  Anyway, she DOES wave twice in this video.  Once in the very beginning, then you get to listen to me acting like a fool (but you can enjoy the cute baby while your ears bleed) and then she waves again at the very end.  

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  1. Why are baby toys so obnoxiously HUGE? But your baby is adorable! I love the way she waves at herself!! :D