Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finding the Funny Again

It's been a little hard to write lately.

Well, at least a little hard to write on my blog.

I've had stories to tell, but they've been told elsewhere.

I'm writing a travel report on another website because something was keeping me from writing here.

I've spent the last two weeks traveling with my family to Florida and then to Mississippi. You KNOW there are stories there. I would think, "Oh, THAT would make a good blog post!" but then it would go unwritten.

It wasn't until the other night, when I was visiting with Mama and Daddy that I could really put my finger on what it was SPECIFICALLY that was keeping me from writing.

I was watching Mama on Facebook. She was working on her wall (which just sounds plain odd if you read that out of context) and making it so that the link to my last blog post about Chad showed up when you pulled up her wall postings. She wanted that link to be first so that she could see it and others could see it when they came to her wall.

Kind of an internet memorial to him.

That was my moment of realizing WHY I have avoided my blog. It's this simple fact: The post I am writing right now will push down my last blog post about Chad's death. His post will no longer be first on my blog.

Which kind of makes it seem like life just goes on.

Like the line between grieving and funny is just one blog post away.

It's hard to know, with every story I tell about my kids and their antics, I will watch my post about Chad being pushed further and further down until it moves into my blog archives.

In a weird way I feel like I am leaving him behind.

And now, I guess I'm just wondering, how in the world do I follow up with the funny?

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