Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm Not Smart...and You Can't Make Me Be.

So you will notice WAY back on April 16th, I mentioned a sore right ear and sinuses being wrecked.  I see that I also mentioned going to the doctor.  Huh.  Funny that, because I DIDN'T.  Instead, I put it off because I was busy with the party and life and "Hey!  This will totally get better without the help of medical intervention!  Who needs medical intervention?!! Certainly not those of us who can make ourselves better with SHEAR FORCE OF WILL!"  And yes, I am totally married to a NURSE people.  Also, my will??  It is strong!

But not strong enough.  I suffered through two weeks of not being able to hear, and off and on ear pain.  The sinuses never got better and then sometime Wednesday afternoon my throat started hurting.  So yes, I know what you are thinking..."THEN you went to the doctor on Thursday like a sane person, right Malinda?"  Uh no.  I adopt this thinking from my Daddy, "I am not smart and you can't make me be."  No, instead I spent Thursday at the dentist with Jay, and ran four frillion errands, and Friday I worked a garage sale and a book fair.  And WALKED TO PICK UP JAY.  On the way home from that walk my father called me.  I answered the phone sounding like an old lady who has smoked ten too many packs of Marlboros.  He said, "Man, you don't SOUND good!"  I said, "Oh!  This?  I'm fine!  It's just allergies!  Been going on for weeks!"  And then I got off the phone and it occurred to me that actually?  I didn't feel that great.  

Ahh...but Saturday is another day!  And we had soccer games!  Two of them!  And I felt terrible for both.  But there was no time for wallowing because Annie had an accident (before the game even began!) and bumped her head on someone else's head. I believe her exact words were, "Olivia's head is BERY HARD!!" The was EVERYWHERE.  And I turned into MacGyver and totally rigged up an ice pack as well as used Janie's wipes to get the blood cleaned up...and didn't even get any on my white shorts!  I rock!!  And who wears white shorts to a soccer game anyway?? But that Annie, she wanted to PLAY.  She had to get back in the game Right Now.  And she did and even scored a goal.

I digress though.  We made it home from the games and I realized how Very Badly I was feeling.  So I told Jamie I was headed to the minor medical clinic to go ahead and get seen because I knew that come Monday I would be in bad shape and who has time for the doctor on  Monday?  That is TOTALLY Walmart day!  So I arrived at the minor medical clinic and guess what??!! My insurance does not COVER minor medical visits!  Seriously?  They would rather me sit in a crowded ER for eight hours or so to get some antibiotics?  What. Ever. So I PAID the 95 dollars and They. Will.  Hear. From. Me.  Best 95 dollars I ever spent though.  Apparently I have strep, a terrible sinus infection and an ear infection.  

I am now and the proud owner of five shiny, new pill bottles.  Two steriods, an antibiotic, a decongestant, and a narcotic for the pain.  It's been a long and bad day today, but I think I might be coming out of my fog finally.  I feel certain that a Monday in my jammies will take care of the rest of it.  

So, what did I learn from this?  Probably not too much, other than Darvocet makes me unable to remember ANYTHING.  Which is why I cannot for the life of me think of the funny poop story that I referenced WAY back on April 16th.  Huh.  Maybe it will come back to me.  Or maybe it is forever locked away in the dark recesses of MommyBrain, never to be seen or heard from again.  Oh well.  While I try to remember, enjoy some pictures of the children.  I snapped these during my brief stint outside (in my jammies!!  Horror!!) while Jamie entertained them with promises of swimming in our non-heated, freezing cold swimming pool.  Clearly he wants
us all to be sick this week!!

Annie is a TRUE member of the Polar Bear Club.  Don't worry...we got her out before her kidney's began to shut down.  And yes, you TOO could be the proud owner of the dead plant to the right of Annie IF you possessed my ROCKING gardening skills.  It will be removed this week.

Jay might not always have enough sense to come in out of the rain, but he CERTAINLY has enough sense to get out of that cold pool.  Smarter than the average bear, that boy is!

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!!!  I'm sorry....that was just so fitting here....

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