Friday, April 10, 2009

Lost in Space

The Millennium Falcon is not here.  I won it on ebay, I paid the next day, and yet it is still not here.  I finally sent a message to the seller today and he said he is mailing it today.  We are cutting it rather close for Jay's birthday next weekend.  And I DON'T LIKE TO CUT IT CLOSE.  The fact that I cannot cross this off my list of "things to do"  highly irks me.  I mean, does the seller not understand the POWER behind crossing something off my "to do" list?  Does he not realize that I MAKE the list simply so that I can CROSS SOMETHING OFF OF IT? That there are things that I have sometimes already completed and yet I still add them to the list anyway so that I can have the power of crossing it off.  Perhaps I am the one with the problem, no?

Last night the Power of the List overwhelmed me.  I have quite the list going to get ready for next week.  Between the big shower remodel, my in laws coming in, four soccer games, the regular weekly activities and Jay's party, THERE IS A LIST.  And it is keeping me up at night.  So I went a little nuts last night and ran to Walmart at 6:00 in order to figure out what kind of cake we were doing.  Just one small errand.  I should know better. But then, nothing was fitting for the theme of his party. And the wandering around began.  An hour later, I left with crafting supplies so that I could MAKE a treasure box for the top of the cake.  And that's what I spent my night doing.  It turned out so cute...I was so pleased!  Until I decided to hot glue on that veeeeery laaaaast jewel.  You know, the one you just NEED to have?  The one that will make the whole thing peeeeeeeerfect?? The one that caused your ring finger to get STUCK to the hot glue gun, bringing about searing pain and blistering? The one that caused you to lose almost an entire night's sleep?  Yes...that one. The sacrifice was worth it though.  It is so cute and best of all, Jay loves it.  I just hope it's not so heavy that it goes crashing through the cake.  And yes, I did write "make treasure box" on my list, JUST so I could cross it off.  See the big green jewel?  That's the one over which I sacrificed my finger.


  1. What is the theme of this party? A treasure box cake, I'm thinking pirates?? The treasure box is very cute!

  2. We're doing a treasure hunt at a local park. The theme was stolen from a neighbor who did one last year. There were no cakes with any kind of treasure theme, unless we were doing Pirates of the Carribbean or something along those lines. So I got a cake made into an American flag (since all the clues have to do with US History) and we'll put the treasure box on after they complete the cake. I hope it turns out cute!

  3. The big green jewel does MAKE the treasure chest!