Friday, April 3, 2009

Star Wars...or Bidding Wars??

So Jay has decided that he wants the Millennium Falcon for his birthday from us.  At first, I thought, "GREAT!  An easy present!"  It was at Walmart and easily accessible, versus having to haul out to Toys R Us to get the thing.  It is HUGE, but I am willing to make concessions in order to not have to travel far.  Lazy mother.  And hey, at least I could get my hands on it and not have to worry that the stores didn't have any left. 

I headed to Walmart yesterday to get a few (er...lots of...) things.  I hightailed it over to the toy section in order to get this taken care of immediately, with no other witnesses other than Jane who poses no threat of spilling the beans.  I looked and looked.  IT WAS NOT THERE.  I asked the lady who was working in the toy section and she said they just stopped carrying them.  Of COURSE they did.  So I spent lots of money on other things instead.

When I got home, I got online thinking that maybe I could order it from Toys R Us, or at least drive out there to get it.  IT WAS NOT THERE EITHER.  Now, if you know us, you know that this is a pattern.  Usually it is some Christmas something or other that Jay has asked for that cannot possibly be found in stores and is only available through ebay and paying an extra 50 dollars, spinning around in circles and holding your tongue JUST so.  So, I started searching other places.  I found two on Amazon.  They were the only two left.  Anywhere.  In the world. AND they were WAY more expensive than the price Walmart had.  AND an extra 25 dollars for shipping.  SERIOUSLY?? So, I finally checked ebay, where lo and behold, I found one!  For less than Walmart had it! And free shipping!  Of course, first I had to win the auction. So I put my bid in and the battle began.  

12 hours later and it is mine!!  I WON!! I WON!! I WON I WON I WON!!  A major prize!  A major prize!!  I WON I WON I WON!!  ( a special prize for anyone who knows the movie).  

So, laundry has not been folded, I'm behind on dinner, Jay has soccer and I'm letting Jane play with coasters right now.  BUT I am an ebay winner and THAT makes me awesome!


  1. You totally crack me up!!! :D

  2. As someone close to you says, he who hesitates is lost...

  3. I know, I'd think I'd learn.